We remember 9/11

When stationed in San Diego, California, Sepctember 11, 2001 began as any other work day. Wake up, take kid to day car and head to base. But for some reason I decided to turn the TV on. That was when we saw the footage of that unforgettable attack. Our lives would be changed forever and can only be related to that of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I was scheduled to fly to DC on September 12th. Of course that didn't happen, but my initial response was how do I get there. Like most people we were locked, unable to go too far. For my best friends,  who were stationed at All Hands magazine, it was a different story. One friend was one of the first to photograph the destruction at the pentagon while others raced to ground zero.

The experience, torment, horror and misery will eventually fade as we get older and move on. But the images they captured there will live in history forever. It is truly up to us to remember these images and keep them near to us, bringing them out every year and taking a moment to think of what and how it happened. And hopefully we never repeat this again.

Be diligent, be caring, be American.



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