Legion Photo shoots for GX Magazine's July cover

Legionographer Aaron Ansarov was recently commissioned to photograph SSG Sarah Hernandez of the Florida Army National Guard for the cover of GX Magazine.
"We are very happy to be working with GX Magazine." Said Aaron Ansarov about the shoot. "Not only was Sarah a great subject to photograph, but the theme and concept of such a magazine was a no-brainer when it comes to combining Legion Photo's talents and the magazine's needs.
GX Magazine (The Guard Experience) is a feature publication used to "celebrate and support the soldiers and families of the National Guard..." (from magazine's mission statement).
"We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful and long lasting relationship and just the platform we (LegionPhoto) need to show other magazines and publications who we are," added Ansarov.

Legion Photo is a collaborative photo agency of the top military vet photographers of this generation. Providing professional photography services for multiple global outlets in safety and security industry in government and private military sectors.

Aaron is based in South Florida. A retired US Navy Photographer, Aaron works on assignment globally for publications and a variety of ad agencies and corporations. He is the founder and agent of Legion Photo and can be reached via cell or email anytime.

Be sure to check out the full issue and other info about the National Guard at http://www.nationalguard.com/life/gx-the-guard-experience

Aaron was assisted by his good friend and cinematographer, John Sturdy.
Equipment used was Nikon gear augmented with Elinchrom Ranger Speed RX battery pack, lights and modifiers.

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