over 140 years of active service and counting

While gathering everybody's info for a combined 'resume' and qualifications, I noticed that between the 9 members of Legion Photo we represent over 140 years of combined active military service.

That is pretty amazing. It may just seem like just a number to some, but for anybody who knows better, this is 140 years of professional and tactical training and experience. Life in the field, on a ship, in the jungle, in the desert and in combat. Working out, marching, running, swimming, shooting, pressing uniforms and polishing boots, eating 'chow,' MREs, bugs, dirt, and salt water.

But most importantly it is also 140 years of talent and creativity. Photographic excellence, environmental executive portraits, elaborate lighting, executive interviews, professional awards, teaching and attending photo workshops, schools, mentorship and more.


Now we are able to provide that 140+ years into a creative alliance to provide to our current and future clients.


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