Legionographer runs 100 miles, breaks sweat.

Legionographer Tom Sperduto recently participated in the Oil Creek 100 mile trail run. A task not even considered by many people. Tom, a former Marine and current Coast Guardsman is not one to stay in the norms of society. His photography proves this by his willingness to do new things, experiment and be passionate in whatever it is whenever he is doing it.
One of Tom's many projects has been his coverage of Ultra marathon runners which is one reason why he became one himself. He photographed a series called "Ultra Marathoners - 100 MILES LATER" where he photographed portraits of runners before and after a run. This series can be seen on his website at TomSperduto.com

Below is Tom's self portrait shot before and after the run. Fellow legionographer Jeremy Lock was there to cover Tom's entire race. His images can be seen at the PhotoShelter site here

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