Happenstance image of Dominican soldier

Legionographer Aaron Ansarov was recently in the Dominican Republic on assignment for a unique company that specializes in construction and equipment projects around the world for public entities in emerging communities. He was chosen for his quality and capability in adding human impact to large machines and buildings.

"This week I was documenting a series of new hospitals being built around Santo Domingo. During one of my visits to an unfinished hospital I was getting a shot of one of the hallways. I liked the colors on the walls and the way the light was dancing around with all the mess and clutter of wires and windows. But one thing missing was the human element. I knew workers were all around the building and it was only a matter of time before someone walked by. Well, I had absolutely no idea that within the next few seconds a Dominican soldier would pass by in almost a march-like pace. I shot about 3 shots on the motor drive which made him turn his head in angry curiosity. His face was so intimidating which I am sure is meant to do just that. This didn't scare me, but rather made me smile because I knew right then I caught something nice."

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