ASMP supports our troops

Aaron Ansarov was featured in Fall of 2008 issue of ASMP bulletin for his efforts in getting the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP.org) involved with the development and mentorship of military soldiers and sailors. At that time it was just 'talks.' Well now, the talks are in motion as this year's class of military photographers attending Syracuse University will each receive a merit membership to ASMP. The merit membership receives most of the benefits of a general member (not able to vote and not listed on Find A Photographer database) and is good for one full year.

The ASMP was founded in 1944 by a small group of New York magazine photographers and today represents some of the top publication photographers of the industry today. ASMP advocates and supports the highest standards of professional ethics, technical skills and business practices.

In existence for over 45 years, the Military Photojournalism Program at Syracuse University is the most highly sought after program in the DoD as well as highly recognized throughout the civilian photography community. All (but one) of the Legion Photo have attended this program either at Syracuse or during the program's short time at Rochester Institute of Technology.

We look forward to following these students and how they utilize their new membership throughout their very exciting next year.

To read the bulletin go to this link and scroll to page 9.
Also scroll to page 21 to see a selected image from his website.

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